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Deirdra Barr Levings – Head Tutor Serenity Escapes

Deirdra has been practising yoga and studying its philosophies for over 17 years and specialises in yoga for relaxation and yoga for sports.  She has a corporate business background so has a first-hand understanding of pressurised environments which is very relevant to people who suffer from work related stress.

In addition to yoga, she is a qualified in Thai Yoga Massage (applied yoga), sleep medicine, stress management, Hypnotherapy and NLP at master level. Teaching people simple daily relaxation techniques and functional yoga to incorporate into their busy lives is one of her specialities.

“I use an intuitive blend in my teaching from all my training and experience from sports science, sleep medicine and stress management..…. it’s like solution based yoga for whatever “problem” the student comes with, be it an injury, tight muscles, a stressful job, or just needing to connect more to their body. I love working 121 in the tradition of passing yogic knowledge on but I also enjoy the sense of fun and working together you can get from group classes.”

Teaching in beautiful natural surrounding is very conducive to re-connecting with our inner guide which is very clever and I am delighted to be working with Serenity Escapes at proving the very best quality wellness holidays.